How Denture Options Help Restore Your Smile

By Office of Philip W. Hart, DDS
August 20, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures

Dentures If you have gaping holes where teeth used to be, you already know the effect it can take on your smile and self-confidence. Unfortunately, that's not all missing teeth can cause, as empty spaces can even raise your risk for nutritional issues and other systemic health problems later in life.

But at Phillip W. Hart, D.D.S., Family Dentistry, you'll realize firsthand why your smile, confidence, and a full row of teeth can be completely restored using the helpful dental techniques of the oral professionals on site.

How Can Dentures Fill the Gaps?

One of the most reliable methods for undoing the unattractive look caused by missing teeth is partial dentures. There are two kinds of partial dentures, transitional and removable. While transitional partial dentures are removable plastic dentures that act as a tooth replacement and space maintainer in the interim until your mouth has fully healed from tooth extraction surgery, removable partial dentures (RPDs) provide a lighter and a more accompanying feel to your mouth.

Typically made from cast vitallium, RPDs also fit your dental profile better than plastic dentures. Plus, they are very reasonably-priced, serving as the lasting solution for your empty smile when paired with the helping hands of Dr. Hart and his associate dental technicians. And keep in mind, even if you are missing a full row of teeth, there are always complete dentures available.

For more information on how removal partial dentures could fulfill your needs, give Dr. Hart or one of his fully-trained dental assistants a call today at (901) 386-9299 for the answers you've been searching for right here in Bartlett, TN!