How Long Does It Take To Get A Dental Implant?

By Phil Hart, DDS
September 02, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Find out more about the dental implant process and when you might expect to get your new restoration.

Getting a dental implant can be pretty exciting. While nothing can truly be as great as a natural tooth, a dental dental implantsimplant certainly comes in a close second. It boasts a long life and a durability that other tooth replacement options just can’t. So if you are considering getting dental implants from our Bartlett, TN dentist Dr. Phillip Hart, find out more about how long the process could take.

Typically, the road to getting a dental implant takes longer than it would with other tooth replacements like dentures or dental bridges, but that’s because a lot more goes into this procedure. Getting dental implants in Bartlett can take anywhere from six to eight months and involves two procedures.

Implant Placement

During your first surgery, the implant (a small metal post) is placed into the bone socket where your missing tooth was. Once the implant is placed, the gums are stitched up and the mouth is given several months to heal.

During the healing process, the jawbone and tissue will begin to grow around the implant, securing it in place. This can take anywhere from three to six months. While the mouth heals the patient will be given a temporary restoration to replace your missing teeth.

The Dental Crown

Once the implant has bonded completely with the bone the next phase of your treatment can begin. Our Bartlett general dentist will then open up the gums to attach a small post known as an abutment, which will be used to connect the implant with the dental crown. After giving your gums several more weeks to heal, the new dental crown can be attached or cemented over the abutment.

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