Restorative Procedures

By Phil Hart, DDS
August 31, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Several different restorative procedures are available to correct a variety of dental concerns, including missing teeth restorative dentistryand tooth decay. Whether you need a cavity filled, want to replace a single missing tooth or several missing teeth, restorative dental procedures can help. In Bartlett, TN, dental implants, dental fillings, crowns and bridgework and other restorative procedures are provided by Dr. Phillip Hart.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings can make your teeth strong and healthy again, even if they have been weakened by decay. To fill a cavity, the dentist first removes the decayed portion of the tooth. Once the decay is removed, the interior of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned. The tooth is then filled in with a tooth-colored composite filling. Once the procedure is complete, the compromised tooth will be healthy and strong again. Normal tooth functions, such as biting and chewing, can resume pain-free.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement option. Once installed, dental implants will not come loose, slip out of place or fall out. A dental implant consists of an implant, an abutment and a crown. The metal implant is permanently fused to the jaw bone and functions as a root, anchoring the artificial tooth in place. The crown serves as the replacement tooth and is connected to the implant by the abutment. Once placed, only the crown will be visible. In Bartlett, dental implants are available from Dr. Hart.

Crowns and Bridgework

Crowns and bridgework are used to replace several missing teeth all at once. The dental bridge is the main component anchoring everything together. Attached to the dental bridge are pontics and crowns. Pontics are the artificial teeth used to fill in the gaps where natural teeth are missing. Crowns fit over existing teeth like caps and serve the purpose of securely holding the dental bridge in place. Once installed, your bridgework will look natural and readily blend in with the surrounding teeth.

Whether you need to strengthen a decaying tooth or replace missing teeth, there are restorative procedures for addressing a variety of dental concerns and problems. In Bartlett, TN, dental implants and other restorative dental procedures, such as fillings and crowns and bridgework, are available from Dr. Hart. To schedule an appointment, call the office at (901) 386-9299.