The Long Term Benefits of Dental Implants

Dentures effectively close unattractive gaps between the teeth, but they don’t come with many long-term advantages dental implantsfor patients. For instance, they don’t fit the same after a while so they must be refitted, readjusted, or recreated altogether. When you consider the long-term benefits of getting dental implants instead, the better choice is clear. Learn more about this modern tooth-replacement option, which is available at Dr. Phillip Hart’s dentist office in Bartlett, TN.

When to Get Dental Implants
A patient who has a decayed tooth that can’t be saved with a root canal treatment is the perfect candidate for a dental implant. The tooth can be safely extracted so that a new titanium implant can be surgically put in its place. It’s best to do this procedure while there is plenty of healthy bone tissue in the socket. However, in some cases, a dental implant is still an option even if it has been a while since the tooth was lost. You should also seriously consider a dental implant if you are experiencing orthodontic problems due to a single missing tooth. 

Long-Term Benefits of Implants
The American Academy of Implant Dentistry estimates that 500,000 patients get dental implants per year. Here are some of the long-term benefits of replacing your tooth with an implant:

- It will help keep your gumline healthy by utilizing your bone tissue.
- Dental implants don’t require the support of your other teeth. Each of your teeth can stand on their own.
- The implant device will stay rooted for multiple decades as long as you maintain good gum health. Just see your Bartlett dentist every 10 years to see if you may need a new crown.

Maintenance of Dental Implants
If you want to experience the long-term benefits of dental implants, observe these important tooth care tips:

- Floss thoroughly around the implanted tooth, (as well as your other teeth) once or twice per day.
- Make sure that food does not stay lodged between or around the implant. Clear it away immediately.
- Take vitamin supplements that support your dental health, or eat foods that are rich in nutrients like calcium and Vitamin C. Probiotics are good for your gum health.

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