Veneers Turn Your Smile Around In No Time

By Phillip W. Hart D.D.S.
April 20, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
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Dental VeneersWhat does your dream smile look like? Is it brightly white and even? Even if you don't have that perfect set of teeth, advances in cosmetic dentistry have outstanding ways to turn your smile around in no time at all, giving you the attractive smile you have always wanted.

One popular and successful cosmetic dental service at the office of Phillip W. Hart D.D.S. is porcelain veneers. These amazingly thin shells of strong and beautiful porcelain cover the front side of teeth that are healthy but have cosmetic issues such as:

  • small chips or cracks
  • minor gaps between teeth
  • stains from food, beverages and cigarette smoking
  • minor bite or misalignment issues
  • discoloration from age or injury
  • odd size or shape
  • an uneven wear pattern related to tooth grinding

The procedure is painless, not invasive and relatively inexpensive when compared to other ways to correct dental imperfections. Veneers are an outstanding way to make over a smile.

Are you a candidate for the porcelain veneer procedure?

See your Bartlett, Tennessee family dentist for a smile check-up. He will perform an oral exam to evaluate the health and position of your teeth. People with a lot of decay, gum disease or complicated orthodontic issues are not well- suited for veneers.

Also, you will discuss your aesthetic goals. In other words, what do you want veneers to do for you?

When dentist and patient agree that veneers are the right way to go, Dr. Hart takes impressions of the teeth and sends them to a dental lab for custom fabrication of the veneers. Also, he carefully removes a thin layer of enamel from the front side of each tooth to be treated. The amount is approximately 1/2 millimeter. The tooth is also roughened so that the veneer will bond well to the surface.

The dentist cements the veneers to the teeth and cures the special bonding adhesive with a hardening light. He may make minor adjustments for fit and alignment. While the patient experiences little or no discomfort, there may be some minor tooth sensitivity for the first few days with the new veneers in place.

Are veneers hard to care for?

When an individual already practices diligent dental hygiene, caring for veneers is no big deal. Just floss daily and brush twice a day as usual, and keep routine appointments for exams and cleanings. Of course, treat all your teeth, veneers or not, gently. Don't bite your fingernails, chew ice cubes or hard candy, or open plastic packaging with your teeth. With good care, your dazzling new smile will last indefinitely.

Phillip W. Hart DDS Family Dentistry

In the Bartlett, Tennessee area, Dr. Phil Hart and his staff strive for comfortable, informed dental care for patients of all ages. Dr. Hart offers porcelain veneers as a wonderful way to improve the look and function of a smile. Call (901) 386-9299 for a smile evaluation today.