Why Are Dental Implants Needed?

By Phil Hart, DDS
July 10, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
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While versatile and effective, making the decision to replace your missing teeth with dental implants can be aDental Implants complicated matter. Though the procedure may seem complex and off-putting, the benefits of dental implants are vast. Find out more about why you may need dental implants and what they can do for you with Dr. Phillip Hart in Bartlett, TN.

Why does someone need dental implants?
Dental implants benefit patients who are missing one, several, or all their teeth and wish to fill in their gaps. While implants benefit your smile most obviously on the aesthetics side by replacing your missing teeth, they also benefit your mouth’s health. Since implants lie within the jawbone underneath the missing tooth, they essentially replace the tooth’s root. This decreases the chance of bone atrophy, which could lead to side effects like sagging facial skin. Additionally, replacing a missing tooth keeps the surrounding healthy teeth from shifting due to the extra space, which affects the mouth’s bite.

What kinds of dental implants are there?
Dentists can use dental implants in several ways. First, they can replace a single missing tooth by using one implant fixture, a small, screw-like post which is secured into the bone. The fixture sits in the bone below the missing tooth, replacing its root. If a patient has several missing teeth in a row, dentists can use multiple tooth replacement to fill in the gap. A dental restoration made up of two or more porcelain teeth is held in place by one implant fixture on either end. For patients missing all their teeth, implant-supported, or all-on-four dentures can use strategically placed implant fixtures over the arch of the mouth to hold a full denture in place.

Dental Implants in Bartlett, TN
Dental implants require good general and dental health from patients. While implants are made to last a lifetime, they can only remain healthy and secure with the proper at-home care. Brush twice daily and floss at least once to keep your mouth healthy and free of decay. Patients with dental implants should see their dentist at least twice a year for examinations and cleanings.

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