Same Day Crowns


We are so proud to offer our patients beautiful crowns in a day!  No labs, no impressions and no return visit to have the crown placed.  It takes approximately 2 hours and you leave with the permanent crown-NO TEMPORARY!  Please call and ask us about our Cerec machine-the newest technology available for restoring your smile. 


Dental imaging took a major leap forward at the beginning of the new millennium with a three-dimensional technology known as cone beam computed tomography(CBCT). The name comes from the cone-shaped beam of x-rays the CBCT machine projects as it rotates around a person's head, taking multiple images that are compiled into a 3-D picture by a computer. A CBCT helps a doctor make a highly informed diagnosis and choice of treatment.


With intraoral camera's patients can see a clear picture of the inside of their mouth allowing Dr. Hart to consult them on various treatment options or the reason for required treatment.

Digital x-rays is the latest technology used to take x-rays.  An electronic sensor is used instead of x-ray film.  It captures and stores the image on a computer.  The image can be instantly viewed and enlarged which helps Dr. Hart and his hygientist detect problems easier.  Digital x-rays reduce radiation 90% compared to traditional dental x-rays.  X-rays are essential, preventative diagnostic tools that provide valuable information not visiable during a regular dental exam.  Without x-rays problem areas could go undetected.

Facilities and Equipment

Digital x-rays help reduce patient exposure to radiation by as much as 90%.
Sterilization is very important to everyone. We make sure that each patient has their own individual pre-packaged packet for their dent al appointment. This packet helps prevent cross contamination. Your health and well-being is our biggest concern.